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Nova launcher Prime app is the customize and precise service available for modern android users. Nova launcher Prime APK is here to experience something realistic and unforgettable things while using specific Android UI. It is a launcher enrich with the material design. The best thing about this launch is that your home screen will be totally under your control.

Nova Launcher Prime content rating is for everyone. This app is enlisted with the personalization category of the play store. If you want to know more about its launcher and its developer, then visit TreslaCoil Software’s website. Nova Launcher Prime APK full file can be downloaded on your Android devices. It is a modern and customized way to handle the mobile according to choice

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Why is this launcher customized and efficient?

This launcher is reliable and credible due to its remarkable features. Additionally, it is enriched with a number of the feature. There are some certain numbers of features:

  • In this launcher, there are thousand theme icons
  • It has sub grid positioning which has great control over the home screen than standard launcher
  • This launcher has the best color control for the labels, folders drawer and tabs background
  • It has improved widget drawer; all widgets are grouped together which adds more efficiency to this launcher
  • It has infinite scrolling you can never be far from your favorite pages you can reach to your favorite pages with less time limit.
  • This launcher is enriched with the most advanced backup system
  • You can easily manage your widget in this launcher and place the widget in your dock
  • You can make a number of dock and can scroll between them

This launcher can import from the other launcher, which comes with your phone. You need not change or re-create your desktop. Additionally, you get these features after downloading the Nova launcher Prime APK file in your PC or android application.

Everyone’s favorite launcher:

Download Nova launcher Prime APK Prime if you want to enjoy its material design with credibility. This will replace your home screen, so you easily handle or customize home screen. This launcher includes in the personalization category. Rating this website also tell more about its quality and operating system’s efficiency. There are certain reasons of using this application. The main question arises why this launcher is everyone’s favorite launcher. Here are some reason of using this application:


Its gestures make its usage more comfortable and faster. You can easily start the Nova action and apps from the gesture on the top. It has specific gestures such as pinning, swiping and, two-finger swiping. You can as well change the gesture from the setting according to your choice.

Custom grid:

You can configure your app and widget in a row according to your need or choice. So you can easily reach them easily. You just need to go to the desktop setting and from there you can have this option custom grid.

Folder icons:

You can easily select a background and style as well as change the whole folder according to your need. For this just go to the desktop setting there you can have this option folder icon.

Nova launcher Prime APK

Scroll effects:

You can scroll the effect which will enchant your eyes while scrolling. These effects leave a delightful impact to user and effects include cube and, cardstack.

Hide apps:

The most striking quality of this launcher is it can hide the app, which you don’t want to display. Sometime, due to privacy issue or some other reason you want to hide your few apps but in standard launcher, you cannot have this quality. After installing it you have this privilege. From setting you can change this.

Icon swipes:

For more or better use of desktop, you can use the swipe action. All of you need to press your icon for some time then edit it.

 Nova launcher Prime APK Prime

Nova Launcher Prime Apk installation procedure:

If you want to install it you need to go through the Nova launcher Prime APK installation procedure. You need to know its installation guide how you can handle it. Before downloading you need to know certain things must check out these specific things before installation:

  • APK file:
  • App permission: review app permissions
  • Signature: verify apk signature and certificate
  • Size: 8822287 bytes (8.41MB)

After checking this there come an installation guide in which the detail process if mention that how you can have Nova Launcher Prime Apk file to your phone.

  • Download full file from the play store
  • Then you need to tap the home button list of possible launcher will appear to screen
  • Now you need to select the new launcher and tap the button.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk file

Now Nova launcher Prime APK an advanced launcher will take over your home screen

Why it is easy in use:

You might be bored from your standard launcher which is usually sluggish or you don’t like the arrangement of your icon and desktop that appears to be filled, with too much icons. Focus about the physical appearance of your phone that keep it according to your taste, at the same time you must be careful about what will appear to your screen or in which ordered form the screen is appear. Nova launcher Prime APK advanced system gives you the privilege to maintain your phone or its screen as well. After installing it you can arrange your icon in a systematic way and it is super faster and easy as well and how it is easy there are the reasons:

  • By pressing the desktop for a passage of time you can have the custom setting menu on the other hand you have to hit the menu button to reach the setting
  • The setting and menu system structure totally based on a launcher which you use. On Nova Launcher Prime Apk app you can have submenu as well

How can you aranage your home screen efficiently with Nova Launcher Prime Apk tabulate?

You can arrange your home screen with Nova Launcher Prime APK tabulate. The desktop menu lets you arrange the layout, page indicator, scroll and so on. In the layout, you can set and tune the size of your desktop or home screen. After tapping the desktop grid, you have the diagram of your home screen layout. You can slide from left to right to make the transaction on the column and rows. Also, manage the size according to your choice whether you want a super dense 12-bt-12 grid of app icon or super small 2-by-2. A checkbox is at the bottom of your home screen, which is available to give you the freedom of placement or replacement. Nova Launcher Prime APK icons dive app have the ability to design desktop icon. You can adjust their place and size. Additionally, you can label them according to their size and place. In a checkbox, there are different color and styling. Furthermore, if you want to adjust desktop and icon layout setting you need to take a few steps. Width padding and height padding modify the distance between the screen border from the home screen border.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk app

Leave this option, if you already customized your phone as well as alternate the app drawer according to your desire. The best thing about Nova Launcher APK primer is it gives you best control over the drawer apps which you want to see in your drawer. It also ensures your privacy. Even you can have the option of hiding certain apps or if you dont have this option it cares about your privacy too.

You can enhance the look and feel of your phone with Nova Launcher Prime APK features:

If you have changed the outlook of your phone and now you are looking way to change the inward look of your phone here is the guide for you.

First, step which you need to take the selective icon theme. Your default and common apps have a different custom setting that can be downloaded for free. The apps can be found on play store for both free and paid apps. Many of them require custom launcher where the setting comes in. Then simply install the icon pack you want to try.

In new addition style icons directly turned on by clicking the adaptive icons option. In the adaptive icon style, you can customize the theme according to your desire and can shape the icons to match the theme. You can easily shape and reshape the icons so you can adjust the background to match the theme and there is a striking feature of animation which controls the screen animation throughout. Checking the background and normalizing the size of icons and widget.

Night mood of Nova Launcher Prime APK:

Night mood of this launcher is remarkable due to its unique efficiency. As in night time, you are sleepy and your eyes don’t like much light. Sometimes, your eyes cannot resist to harsh light of red or blue color. In this way smartphones have a bad effect on your sleep. Many smartphones companies have taken steps to filter this light in order to avoid this harsh light. In Nova Launcher Prime APK free app have a different experience all bright areas of your phone turn into a darker theme when it is night time. It is very comfortable for your eyes it has a soothing effect as well for your eyes at the night time. You can set a schedule of night-mood on your phone according to the time and place. So your phone can configure the sunrise and sunset.

What are the reasons of its popularity/ why is it so famous?

This app is famous due to its striking features, working efficiency and, remarkable operating system. People love to use it, due to its reliability, effectivity and credibility. Additionally, it is so famous because it allows people to change their phone according to their desire. It makes their experience of using the phone much faster, easier and, better. That is the main reason for its popularity all around the world. There are other reasons which are mentioned there:

  • It has its own place which cannot be undertaken or mimicked by any other product or app.
  • If you are using Nova Launcher Prime APK advanced version, it is like opening the box of treasure. There are many things in it you must be confused on where to start.
  • It has approximately all the widgets and things you need on your phone. In it there are many things you can play with them.
  • Gestures are the most important feature of the Android even it can be named as a hidden gem. It has best shortcut gesture that anyone else.
  • Your favorite apps will always be in a one-touch distance from you. However, you just need to swipe left or right to reach your favorite app.
  • It will enrich your home screen experience whether you swipe to open your app drawer, double tap to turn off your screen or hide extra apps.
  • This is the widely used app because it cares about its user’s privacy. You can hide some of your apps as well. T here is no as well hard and fast rule to do so only in one touch you can do it
  • It has a list of features you cannot found any kind of features, anywhere else. Among all features sub grid positioning is like a diamond hidden in a plain sight. It gives you the complete control over the screen.
  • Its notification badges are reason enough to use Nova Launcher Prime APK. Its notification comes to you in a most precise and comprehend-able way.
  • it allows you to make a column of your favorite apps, so you can find them in one click while using Nova launcher Prime app you can never be away from what you want.

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