Terms and conditions:

This is an agreement between the user and us. Terms and conditions are actually a set of rules and regulation which give a guideline to the visitors. You need to be agreed on this terms and condition if you want to register on this application. The reason why we set these terms and conditions?  To make our application operating process restricted and protected. Terms and conditions is actually a safety notice taken by us as a warning and mere set of instructions for the user. You need to be careful while reading these set of instruction and accept all the term and conditions then you are ready to use our application.

What are the terms and condition?

There are the terms and conditions which are being set by us that you need to follow read them carefully and accept them to enjoy our services.

  • We can change the content of our main page at any time when we think that it is important to make changes in our content without informing you or notifying you
  • You must be eighteen years old to enjoy our services if you are below than this age then you need to have the consent of your parents and legal guardian. Because age is an important factor
  • We can clear unauthorized content at any time because all the rights remain in our property. We can delete the material that is not appropriate
  • This application is being made to entertain you and a personal application. You can use this application for marketing or commercial purposes. Commercial use of our application is prohibited
  • You cannot post any material of this application on any social media platform. You cannot publish website material be careful while doing these kinds of activities
  • You must be appropriate and careful in the use of this application and, website. You need to be careful because your activity can damage the application and, the reputation of this application
  • You need to use the website according to the laws and regulation if you are going this than you can harm the application and any other third party too
  • You cannot be engaged in any kind of data extracting and data harvesting acidity in the relation to this application or while using the application

All the terms and conditions are mentioned above that you need to accept before registering our application.