Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy is for the visitors who come to our site for the installation of our application. It is very necessary to maintain the credibility and good reputation. It is a written bond given by us that you need to be agreed to enjoy our application. Without agreeing our term and condition you can get access to our application. This bond is written by our company to protect the use of our application. Actually, we gather all the personal information of our users and, keep it private. And what kind of information we collect includes name, location, email address, and, phone number.

How do we protect your information?

Feel free when you are asked to give personal information because it is asking for mere security reasons. And we keep it private as well.  Only we can see this data. We know how to keep your personal data secure.  We implement different security measures to maintain the safety of your data when you enter or submit your personal information.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies too, because it enables services and, site system to recognize your browser, also remember the specific information. We use cookies as well for the secure future preferences to keep track of our advertisement data. With cookies, we also compile data about the site traffic and, site interaction for a better future experience.

Why do we collect your personal information?

We collect your personal information when you are going to be registered in our application.  And why we collect this information here is the answer.

  • To verify your identity even when you log in after a long time we can recognize you
  • For sending you the different service messages about your subscription and registration
  • To enable you to share your content with other
  • For sending you the different push messages on your device
  • To personalize your experience with the application you are using

That is why we need to collect information about you. if you want to know something else contact us .

What are the term and conditions?

Terms and conditions are actually a way to administrate the use of the application. It is a very crucial step to get access to the application. Read carefully all these terms and conditions after agreeing you can install our application. Here are the terms and conditions:

  • We can terminate your account at any time without giving you a notice if we feel that the use of this application is harmful to any other person.
  • We can make the changes in the agreement at any time without informing you according to the present needs.
  • We can check and ensure that you are using this application according to the rules and restriction or not. And can ensure your use of the service in compliance with the agreement.
  • Our content page can be changed for general information without any notice.
  • We have as well some of the limitations in this app for the users. Due to the security and privacy issues.

These are all the terms and conditions which tells you about your restrictions. It is a bond by us that you need to follow. For any other question contact us .