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In the modern world, every phone has its importance just not for its mobility but for its work efficiency. In other words, It’s like a personal diary because you can enlist all of your important events or business details. Also, you can set your whole schedule. It doesn’t matter that you belong to what part of life, it always has a significant importance for everyone. However, it is like a digital office in which you can perform different tasks.

As the phone is very essential in modern man’s life so it must be according to user’s merit like the phone’s screen should be easy to use. It all depends on a launcher its quality and features make a phone easy to use. Usually, standard launcher fails to do that but now Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android is there to facilitate you. It will make your experience much easier and faster.

What can Nova launcher Prime do?

First, let’s talk about what actually Nova Launcher can do for a user. How it works what are its functions? It is a launcher for modern Android it is designed to fulfill the need of modern man. In other words, it is a modern launcher with a full material design.

Basically, this launcher overtakes your home screen while customizing or control. It allows the user to customize the home screen or other apps. Its primary purpose is to make your experience smoother and easier. You can feel comfortable with what you are doing.

Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android

How it can remarkable in use?

There are certain qualities that can make it the most famous launcher. An app is successful just because of its certain qualities and features. Let’s figure out the qualities, which are given below:

  • You have thousands of icon themes for this launcher on the play store. The theme can make your screen more comprehend and fascinating
  • This launcher will give you much control over the colors you can adjust the colors of your desktop and icons according to your taste
  • It will give much control over the home screen than the standard launcher with different gestures
  • You can even make the column and lines of the icon on the desktop this launcher will never let you be in distance with your favorite apps and icons
  • You can customize your app drawer; it can be adjustable whether you want horizontal scrolling or vertical
  • It has a very efficient and credible restore system which can backup your desktop layout and launcher setting
  • You can even import your layout you don’t need to create or rebuild your desktop. You can import from other launchers even with your home launcher
  • You can manage your widget very precisely and efficiently even can place your widget in your dock. Widgets can be grouped as well in this launcher
  • It has a best quality because of its fast speed. It works with credibility keeps your animation fast smooth makes your as faster as it can be

In order to enjoy these features and qualities of launchers you just need to install Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android. After installing you will come to know that it is much efficient than your imagination. Its well-regulated working capability makes your experience joyful.

How can you install it?

You must be tired from your standard launcher which is most of the time sluggish does not work appropriately and faster. For the solution of these problems, you need a launcher which will give you total control on your phone. In a modern age where everything is fast, you cannot waste your time you have to be stand with the world, by the same time your phone screen should be in a proper order. Anything you want should be in a one-touch far away, this launcher gives you this privilege. Just install it to enjoy its features. There are no hard and fast rules it is a simple procedure such as:

  • First, you need to do install the launcher from Google store
  • After installing it you will be going to see a list of launcher there you are given option which launcher you are going to use
  • Then tap on the new launcher that you have installed and tap always too. Then this new launcher will take the place of your home launcher

These are few steps to have Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android. But now question arises how it is good from other launchers?

How is it well-ordered competent than other launchers?

You might have many questions in your mind about this launcher that how it is well-organized than other launchers? What are its characteristics which makes it different, coherent, and, credible? There are the answers to your questions:

  • In this launcher after a long press on the desktop, you will have the custom setting menu. On the other hand on other launchers, you have to tap the menu button for the custom setting menu
  • Total menu and setting structure would be according to the launcher you have installed. In file Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android you have also submenu, for the desktop which consists app drawer, dock and custom gestures
  • From Google, play store you can install a number of themes for this launcher to make your experience enchanting
  • In your desktop, you have column and lines of the icons of your choice which make your most awaited or demandable app or icons reachable to you

Nova Launcher Prime is the best thing ever happened to Android:

It is the best thing that ever happen to Android because it makes the phone well regulated. The app has a number of options and a bundle of things even you will be confused that what to choose. You have a home screen with shortcut widgets and icons. You are not going to see the rush of icons and widgets on your screen. After installing this launcher, you have a screen with the list of installed apps and a drawer too which hold all these apps.

So if you are happy or satisfied with the home screen of the phone you can bought it, after that you can simply install this launcher. The most important thing that you can enhance the look of your launcher. You can make your launcher act through that way which you like most. You can bring this app, according to your taste and work needs. In the other launchers you cannot have this privilege this launcher will give you the proper control over the home screen and the best things is you can custom your icon pack. You can set the size of your size to match the theme. Additionally, you can able to mix and match the different icons.


Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android

Even you can label these icons that is available underneath. You can set the background according to your choice is another striking quality of this launcher. Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android is the blessing app for Android users because it allows its user to keep your phone in the best possible way according to their taste and choice.

Certain things that you need to know about Nova launcher Prime APK:

There are some specific things which you need to know before installing Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android. It has some striking features which are totally different and unique. These are also remarkable due to their regulating efficiency. You need to know these features because after knowing this you can use this launcher in a best possible or appropriate way.

Desktop grid and Subgrid positioning:

Subgrid positioning is the most re-known feature on this app. Its gesture makes the use of this launcher faster and easy. You can place or replace or reshape the icons according to your wish. It has certain gestures such as pinning and swiping.

Custom grid:

It allows you to overlap the icons and widget. You can place your widgets in the dead place and also place the icons on the edge of these widgets as well.

Swipe to open the app drawer:

It is one of the popular home screen features in which you can open app drawer with a gesture by activating swipe to open action. Simply by swiping up, you will reach to the app drawer and then by swiping down you will automatically reach to your home screen

Adaptive icons are there to enhance the look and feel:

Adaptive icons help you to change the background and the shape and, size of the icons to match the theme.

Night mode:

Your sleep is disturbed by the harsh red and blue light of your mobile most of the times. It also affects your eyes even you cannot able to sleep. Nova launcher Prime APK for Android night mood is the finest feature which never disturbs you at night time while using mobile. You just need to set schedule on your phone then at night time your mobile’s light automatically turn into dark light.

Nova launcher Prime APK for Android night mood

Hide icons:

You can even hide some of your icon that wants to hide. Most of the time due to some privacy issue or some other issues you want to make un-visible some of your app. Nova launcher Prime allows you to hide certain apps. Any other app cannot do that.

Is it free or paid?

It is totally free to apply it on your phone without spending a penny. You can install Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android for free but spending money on its premium is worth-able. Each penny that you have spent on its premium is worth-able.

It is like opening a box of treasure:

There are many things to do in this launcher. Also, you may found many entertainment apps. You don’t need to be confused because it will always give you first what you need.

Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android for free


Gestures are what make the screen experience happening. Gestures are the key tool to make the use of screen easy and faster. In this launcher by swiping up you have an app drawer, double tap to turn off the screen and can hide extra app with inside swipe action. Nova shortcuts are better than any other launcher.

In a folder you can adjust much:

Its folders are best rather than any other folder on Android. It has much flexibility in them. You can adjust much and place them according to your need or choice. Its folders always remain in best possible order regardless of the number of icons of files within them.



Nova Launcher prime APK

What are the reasons which compel you to install it?

At the end, there must be some reasons which force you to install Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android. You cannot just motivated to install something you must be inspired by some of the qualities and features of this launcher so what are these reason lets figure it out.

  • It is much easier and faster app, so you can control your home screen totally with some of the simple gestures
  • It is the only app which has its own place in the digital market it is not mimicked replaced by any other app or product due to its well regulation
  • For free you can have Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android full version you need not t spend even a penny. Free you can enjoy such remarkable features
  • It has all the tools that you need to arrange your phone in a best-organized way. There are app drawer and widgets even you can make the folder and columns of your icons
  • It is the first choice of the most of the people because it cares much about the privacy of its users. It has a feature where you can hide your icons this is designed while keeping your privacy at first choice
  • It makes your scrolling smoother and faster with its super and capable working efficiency

These are the reasons which motivate you to install Nova Launcher Prime APK on your phone.

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