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You must fed-up with the launcher that came with your phone due to it is slow-moving and stagnant operating quality. The phone is something that you need time for your personal and official needs. So you want to work in a best possible way means you don’t want it in an inactive and static form. Sometimes home launchers do not work as efficiently as they should work.

They remain unable to give you a performance which you are expecting. You want your phone and home screen total on your control but you remain unable. In this situation, you need to install a launcher to have better performance. But then a question comes to mind, does it can boost the morale of phone? Yes, it is launcher redeem your device. You must be thinking about having Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS don’t just think to have it because it is best.

Does launcher affect the performance of phone?

Yes, launcher makes your experience with phone much smoother and faster. Your phone and home screen become more responsive and impressive. Due to this reason, it is very beneficial for you to have Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS. Let’s come to know how launcher makes the performance of phone impressive?

  • It makes your phone faster you can reach to app or icon in a one-touch
  • Your phone will be no more in an inactive or static form
  • It makes the searching or app much easier and faster
  • You need not tap much in a few taps you can open apps
  • You can as well manage your icon and can organize your most used apps on the top
  • You can enjoy shortcut gestures such as tapping on the proximity sensor or fingerprint sensor
  • It will give you the best shortcuts inside the apps such as opening the browser chronologically or sending message activity
  • You can adjust the apps in the categories, in an alphabetical order and, even you can make line and column of them
  • An app drawer will be there where you can adjust many apps and can make many places on your phone
  • Launcher gives you the privilege to access the system

Due to these reasons mentioned above, you can figure it out how a launcher boosts the performance of a device.

You must be careful about the launcher you are choosing:

As mentioned above, you came to know about what a good launcher can do with your device. It is very important decision which launcher you are going to use. However, you must be very careful because it is about your phone and it is operating quality. A good launcher would make your experience much happier and joyful. Study much before installing such apps. Among all other launchers Nova launcher Prime is best due to its well-ordered, well-organized and efficient working quality. Must install Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS, after installing it you will come to know why it is ranked first among others.

It is remarkable due to its personalization ability:

A famous app or product must have some qualities and characteristics which make it famous or successful. There must be some unique tools and techniques or hidden treasure in a product or thing which is re-known for its credibility.

By the same token, this launcher is known for its remarkable personalization ability. It is claimed that this launcher is the best-personalized interfaces for devices. All credit goes to its enormous personalization capability as well to the regularity of its updates. The most important thing it has now something new for you. Let’s come to know what are these innovative changes?

  • Now it has a new mood for shutting apps by swiping the app box up and down
  • It has now new Google and Pixel bar
  • It has A new and, A unique search bar for frequent, current and, updated applications
  • It comes with the new striking timed display lock
  • This app knows it’s worth and due to this reason it comes with faster ways to regulate each app utilizing context menu
  • New double tap or with it swipe motion is the most systematic and, well-ordered are readily available
  • It has more quick adjustments such as quick launch for quick adjustments of common setting

These are the striking and productive qualities of this launcher that is why it is a wise decision for you to have free Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS.

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK:

Today we need to discuss the most favorite app which has no substitute. It gives you the highly customized and super performance-driven home screen. With its most unique, innovative and impressive features, it is increasing the ease of usage. That is why it would be best for you to download Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS.

No launcher can give you such ease or best features that is given by this launcher, definitely you will love it after using it. It will replace your home screen and gives you the full control over the home screen and desktop. You can use your favorite theme in your home screen, favorite color, a layout that you like the most and, animation. You can adjust your phone according to your choice and make it act the way you want it to act. You must have used many theme customizers and wallpapers to increase the beauty of your screen. Try Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS you will surely love it the way it works, shows options is freaking awesome. This launcher does not require any root access, meanwhile, without any root access it gives you full control over the screen customization, desired layout and using animation in your device and much more. There a question will come to your mind.

  • What about the devices which are already rooted?

You need not worry it works well for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

How to install Nova launcher Prime APK?

After having information about it you must be thinking that you are in need of having Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS free downloading. It is necessary to gather information about anything that you want to install in your device. You have collected much information about this launcher, its features, and characteristic.

After that, you want to install it and thinking about its procedure. What is the procedure of downloading it on your device? So, let’s talk about it is very easy and fast. You can install it within no time by following a few simple steps. These are the steps:

    • First, install the launcher from the Google store
    • Then tap the home button after taping it a list will appear to your screen

Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS

  • Then you will have a list of launcher, on the screen you need to choose the launcher that you have installed tap always too to enjoy this launcher in the future.
  • In the launcher, you can have the custom setting menu after pressing the desktop for a while
  • Then you need to set the setting according to your taste and choice. Adjust the setting of the device the way you want it
  • In the custom setting menu, you can even have a submenu for the desktop. Then check this setting too

download Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS
This launcher is totally free. You need not spend a single penny on it. However, you can spend money on its premium which is worth-able. After spending money on its premium you will come to know that it worth even a single penny it is so credible. So must install it to enjoy the better experience.

What are the unconventional features of this launcher?

There are some unique and innovative features which you cannot find in any other launcher. This launcher is different and re-known due to these of its impressive and unusual features. Let’s figure it out what are its unfamiliar features. If you want to enjoy these features then you have to introduce Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS

What are its gesture features?

It allows you to do multiple things on your screen. You will be amazed even to know its features. You can start swiping on the screen when you are allowed to do that by the launcher. Even you are given double tap button to perform a specific task. How can you enable this feature open launcher go to setting and then on gesture?

Hide app:

Now everyone is concerned about its privacy and wants to hide some of their apps so that no one can get access to them. For this purpose, we need to install another application which can restrict some of our apps. But this launcher comes with this feature you need not install any other application.

By installing you can save your phone’s memory. How can you enable this feature simply by following certain steps? Open launcher first then go to the setting open drawer and tap on the option hide app.

App drawer:

Nowadays people are addicted to their phones and apps such as messenger, WhatsApp and, IMO.

 install Nova Launcher Prime APK for IOS

They receive message their time and again. So they need to check these messages by the time. Sometimes it is very hard for us to reach the app quickly they cannot find the app when they are in hurry. But in this launcher, there is the solution of your problem. In this launcher, you are given app drawer which helps you to reach your app within no time. Again a simple procedure to activate this feature open the launcher then goes to a setting where you see the feature of the drawer then tap on the options drawer group.

Nova Launcher Prime apk

Icon swipe:

It is a great option given by the launcher. You can even use some of the features with the lock on your phone. By swiping you can open the camera and dial pad. You can call easily with your locked phone. The camera is also something that you need by the time this launcher understand your priorities. And how you can use it simply open any icon press it for a while then set the function.

Unread counts:

This feature is totally worth trying you must try it. With unread counts, you cannot lose one of your important messages whether is it in Gmail, Hangouts, SMS, or any other IM application. Sometimes you are mistakenly cannot read some of your important messages but in unread counts, you cannot lose your any important message.

More scroll effects:

In the launcher, you will have more scroll effect that gives you infinite scrolling. Additionally, You can scroll on the dock, app drawer and, inside the icons. Now you are going to have more scroll effects with the great choice. You can easily go with your favorite one.

Nova Launcher Prime apk

What advantages can you have after installing this launcher?

After having the Nova Launcher Prime on your device is such a delight for you. it is like a treasure in the box or a diamond in a plain sight. There are many things to do in this app and its advantages you can experience after downloading it. Let’s come to know about these advantages:

  • Your phone will be much faster, personalized and, customized than you have ever thought.
  • After installing it you can get rid of the unwanted apps. You will be updated soon about any unwanted app as soon as possible so, in this way, you can get rid of any of the unwanted apps.
  • You can make the adjustments in your system or device in the best way and according to your taste and desire.
  • You can import from one launcher to another with a one-touch no hard and fast rules are there with just one click you can be on the other launcher.
  • In this launcher, you can make any change at any time to match your time and need. You can make any transaction on your desktop to match your theme.

So, install it and enjoy the latest feature of Nova Launcher Prime Apk for IOS.

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